Who doesn't love an indulgent and caloric snack?

A resposta é: All of us!

Who wants to make more balanced choices?

A resposta é: All of us!

That's exactly what we're here for!

We were born in 2018. At this time, the shelves shouted innovation and bet on so-called healthy products. But still, there were missing alternatives that would compete in taste with the usual suspects.

Our mission is to demystify a timeless myth: choosing taste doesn't mean giving up balance. This new paradigm is possible due to an obsessive investment into the development of innovative products.

Like you, we're crazy about snacking. We've gone the extra mile.







We turned peanut butter into a crunchy snack with only 115 kcal, peas into a spice explosion and bananas into something way better than chips! This is what we call a miracle.

"From super fast delivery to the snacks' quality! I can't choose my favourite, because they're all delicious! They've all the requirements of a guilt-free snack! The best discovery I've made!"


"Great taste! It's the perfect snack on the go, especially on those busy mornings when there's no time for breakfast."


"The perfect snack with the right mix of natural ingredients! Really tasty!"


With a wide range, URBAN FOODS has the perfect snack for every craving moment.

With all of our superpowers combined we created snacks that are delicious and nutritious at the same time.

"Delicious, nutritious and super on-the-go. I'm totally addicted!"
Tânia L.

"Super good, tasty, and original snacks. Really satisfying and guilt-free!"
Maria D.

"Great snacks and super fast delivery, I will definitely re-order!"
Jéssica S.

"From taste, to texture, to design ... They're really guilt-free, which makes my journey into a healthier lifestyle much easier."
Madalena T.

"Amazing snacks! From the youngest to the oldest, everyone loved them. Wherever I go, they come with me!"
Sílvia C.

Do you have the perfect idea for our next snack? Share it with us!